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Esafort electro-welded galvanized net cavatorta cm h 61x25 m mesh 76x12 mm

Esafort electro-welded galvanized net cavatorta cm h 61x25 m mesh 76x12 mm
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Item code: MXP-618468-2-7R
Brand: Cavatorta
Unit of measurement: pz
Availability: Not available
Weight: 55,000 Kg


Technical product sheet:

Network: electro-welded
Roll length: 25 meters
Mesh: square or rectangular
Cover: zinc with galvafort process after welding
Applications: industrial, railway and state fences, animal fences, cages and aviaries, protection for flowers and plants, gratings, panels in general
Diameter? wire mm 2.50
Mesh size 76.2x12.7 mm
Height 61 cm

Net in galvanized wire, electro-welded, galvanized after welding, with rectangular or square shaped meshes. The vertical and horizontal wires, both linear, are in galvanized steel. The galvanizing? obtained through the exclusive Galvafort Process developed by Cavatorta. The wide availability? of models allows the use of the product in many sectors: construction, industrial, agricultural, livestock, poultry, rabbit and DIY. The Esafort network? marketed in rolls of 25 m, arranged on pallets and wrapped in a recyclable polyethylene film. The strong galvanizing process Galvafort Process, perfected by Cavatorta, ensures the Esafort network a series of advantages that determine its superior quality level; in particular:
A homogeneous, uniform and extended zinc coverage throughout the network;
A considerably high zinc thickness compared to the minimum required by European standards and, therefore, greater resistance to corrosion;
Perfect anchoring of the protective zinc coating to the steel base wire, which allows the mesh not to crack if subjected to the bending test prescribed by the product standard.

In the shop there are other nets and fences of various sizes and materials.

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